Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Training & Thanksgiving

Hello Everybody!!!! Long time no see. Well only 4 months... But yeah long time. I hope that you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving definitely wasn't the same here but we did get to eat Thanksgiving dinner with the Stake President and his family. Now would I consider it a thanksgiving dinner if I was at home no, but it was still good. I'll include some pictures of what we ate.

Well I began training this last Tuesday! My new comp. is Elder Monzalvo from Mexico! He's really awesome and I can tell that he wants to be a really successful missionary! We have been working hard since he got here and I'm really confident that we are going to have success in the coming weeks. We had something pretty cool happen. We have an investigator named Lesli, and we were walking up to her house to visit her, and the path to get there is really small and there is only one. We started up the path and these two dogs came out all angry and I'll be honest I thought I was going to die. We couldn't get past them.. So we kind of backed up and just waited. Meanwhile a man came out of one of the houses because he had heard the dogs and got them out of our way and all, then invited us into his house. Turns out that he had a dream that we were going to come and visit him. And when he heard the dogs he had a strong feeling to go outside... Well he is a member who hasn't been active in about a year. But I guess he has really strong desires to put his life back in order, and he is already doing just that. He came to church with us this Sunday. I don't know, I thought that it was a pretty cool story to share with you all. So we will be working with him more now and hopefully he will become active again.

Something else really cool happened last Friday. I was with the Zone leaders in a place called Noaholah which is about an hour and a half from our area. We had to go up there to do a baptisimal interview on our way back from the training meeting. After the interview we were waiting for a bus on the side of the road, and or a car. We really were just waiting for anything. I finally saw a car coming so I waved at it and surprisingly it stopped. We walked over to the window and learned that it was Elder Ochoa, the President or first counselor I'm not sure of all of Central America. So... Haha we went back with him to Cuatro Caminos, and he just talked with us the whole time. He basically just told us that when we have problems and aren't baptizing or aren't having success, we can't blame it on the problem, we have to do our part and overcome the problems that we have. It really was an awesome experience that I can't explain over email... But I feel like a lot of times we have problems in our lives that we like to use as excuses for not doing what's right. But really we need to look at the problem, address it and do our best to overcome it.

Well everybody. I hope you have a wonderful week. Love you all.

Elder McLain

P.S. go check out this video. 

He is the gift
Basketball on P-days. 

Elder McLain's Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanksgiving with the Stake President and family. 

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