Friday, May 22, 2015

"Hello all you Gringos!"


Hey Everyone!  
Sorry I didn't write last week. But here you go for this week. 

This last week was a tough one. It started out with a good P day and then Tuesday I was teaching the district meeting when the secretary called me and told me that my comps visa was ready in Guatemala City....So we had to go to Xela as fast as we could so that he could catch a bus to Guate with some other elders who were going for their visas. We got there with 5 minutes to spare after the 2 and a half hour bus ride. (You know how much I love the bus). From there I spent the day with the secretaries in the office and then stayed the night in their house, which is way nicer than any house that I've seen in Guatemala. Its totally unfair haha. It was a good night. Then Wednesday I went on divisions with some Elders there in Xela until my comp got back around 3. When he got back we went to McDonald's (always a treat) then got back on the bus to go to Chichi again. So that was a super fun 2 days. 
On Thursday I started to feel a little sick but we still went out and worked. We got soaking wet which I don’t think helped but we kept going until a dog bit my companion’s leg.... So we went to the house haha. Not much got done on Thursday. Nobody seemed to want to listen haha. From then I got super sick on Friday and couldn't leave the house.... I was in the bed and or the bathroom the whole entire day. It was terrible. But Saturday we got back to work and everything was normal. Besides that Church was pretty good. Testimony meeting is always nice here. Some of the members really have such strong testimonies because the church is really just about all they have, It’s awesome hearing them talk. 
 Well, keep being awesome. Smile and ya know do good stuff. 

  Elder McLain


Hello All of you Gringos,

This last week was really good here in Chichicastenango. We had put goals that we really wanted to complete last week and we did all that we could to be able to complete them. Really I have seen how much goals can motivate us in our lives. If we don’t have goals, we are running without a finish line and we will just keep running...and running. 

Anyways, we talked with just about everyone we saw this week and were able to meet a lot of new, positive people to teach. We also had a ton of support from the members in our lessons and that really helps the investigators to feel the spirit when they hear their testimonies. 

On Thursday we went to Xela, three weeks in a row. That was exciting. My comp has 6 weeks in the mission so we went for the 6 week training meeting and really I learned a ton. I seem to always learn a lot when President Smith teaches us. Also, I got to see Elder Bryan so that was a blast. Oh guess what, I slept for the first time on the bus in my whole entire mission and I didn’t get bus sick. However the bus ride still sucked. 

In church yesterday we had two investigators, our investigators Mayra and Caren. Caren should be getting baptized next Saturday and with Mayra we have the date planned for the 13th of May, so we will be working with that for the next while. Also, yesterday we met a new family whose dad is actually a member, but none of the kids nor the wife are. The Dad really wants to change things around and make sure that his kids grow up in the church. So really the area is progressing and we are excited to work with all of our new investigators and families that we are teaching.

The other day I was reading in the Liahona a talk by Elder Boyd. K Packer that I absolutely loved. It really made me stop and think a lot. I encourage you guys to read it. It’s from April of 2012 I believe and its titled, And a little Child shall Lead them. Also I read a talk by President Eyring and there was a part that I loved,

If we have faith in Jesus Christ, the hardest as well as the easiest times in life can be a blessing. 

There’s also  a Mormon message called, Mountains to Climb that is based on this talk. Look it up. It’s fantastic! Well everybody, I love you and hope all is well. Thanks for the support! CTR

Elder McLain

Decorations for branch Mother's Day Party

He sure loves the Guatemalan kids!