Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Chichi is pretty chichilero!


Hey Everybody!

So this week in chichi has kind of sucked. I didn't get to write Monday because we were in the hospital. My companion has kidney stones...... So we have basically been cooped up in the house which as a missionary is not very fun at all. But we finally got to leave today to write our families and go to a few visits. However, my comp hasn't passed his kidney stone yet. Which means that the worst is yet to come.... Haha. However, work wise everything is going great in the area. We are going to have a baptism this Sunday of Susana who is the daughter of a less active family. She decided to get baptized so we have been working with them and Sunday will be the service. Our investigator Caren really wants to be baptized but she hasn't been able to come to church even when her boss said that she could. So after another Sunday of him not letting her leave, she quit her job. Haha she quit just to come to church so that she can be baptized and raise her kid in the church! SO that was awesome for us to hear. I'm super excited for her. She is awesome and verry very smart. Her baptism is going to the 21st of March. Also we Have another inestigator, Ingrid who has decided to get baptized on the 28th of March! Also her sister is working towards that day so we will see where things go with that. The work is really good here in chichicastenango.... We just need to leave the house more to find others who are prepared to listen to the message of the restored gospel. Well, that's all for this week.
Haz tu lo justo.

Elder McLain


Hello Everybody!

So life in Chichi is pretty chichilero. :) I took quite a while to come up with that line so I hope you guys enjoy it. And for those who dont know chilero is just like cool. So.... Life in the mission is pretty great right now! We are working super hard and we are going to be having 4 baptisms in these next two weeks if everything goes as planned. This week a single mom named Caren is going to get baptized, she's really awesome! She has a testimony of the church and of the BOM and is super smart! Shes great and is super excited to raise her child (Ian) in the church. Shes going to be a great member. We totally taught a lesson to a Pastor the other day. We knocked on his door and we went in.... Then we realized that his house was also a church. Haha. But we taught him and he committed to read the Book of Mormon. Imagine that, when he gets his testimony we can baptize his whole congregation! Haha. We will see how things go with that. But, things are going good, I'm sure learning a lot and everyday I'm seeing more and more of the Lord's hand in this work. It's incredible. 
Well, I hope you are all having a wonderful time back home. I love you and I love hearing from you guys and seeing pictures!
Elder McLain

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