Tuesday, March 24, 2015

We can become BETTER or BITTER.

Hey Everyone!

This last week was really good. We taught a lot of lessons even though we had 2 days without working. Unfortunately, we had to change the baptism of Caren which was going to be Friday. However it will be in April now. If you guys could pray for her she really needs it right now. But besides that the week was great.

We had a Zone conference with President in Huehuetenango. So last Thursday we woke up at 4 in the morning to catch a bus for 2 and a half hours. That was exciting. We got there and I learned a ton! It was awesome. We focused a lot on the Restoration and how much it means. It is a message that nobody else can offer. The nice thing about our church is first off that it is the only true church on the earth today, and secondly that it offers every other good thing that other churches can give plus more! Its great hah. Sorry I’m probably sounding like a nerdy missionary but hey maybe that’s what I’ve come to be... 

So after the zone conference I had the chance to ride back in the bus with Elder and Hermana Worthens who just came here as Senior missionaries from Page, Arizona. We got to talk a lot about just Utah and him growing up in Utah. It was a good time. Then they took us to Dominoes so... Yeah totally worth it. Then Friday came and I couldnt get out of bed without throwing up. I was a wee bit sick but I recovered and Saturday we were right back at it.

Sunday was good... We had a lesson with Ingrid and Sherry who are going to get baptized this Saturday and they are super positive and their testimonies are really strong. They have overocme a lot of challenges to get to this point, but now they really are ready to take this step in their lives. Maybe you guys could pray for them so that they can just be alright this week before their baptisim and that Satan won’t work too hard on them. 

Well, I saw a video that said something that I really like. We can either become bitter, or become better. It really is true. We can take advantage of the Atonement and change our lives or we can become bitter and not do anything about it. We all make mistakes and there’s never a reason that we can’t become better. Remember through Christ all is possible. Also, I encourage you guys to all go and watch the video that will be on mormon.org this Saturday It’s called  Because He Lives I think. Thats my translation from spanish. 

Well have a fabulous week and choose the right everybody! Love and miss you all.

Elder McLain

Even missionaries take selfies. 

This is the newborn baby of one of Elder McLain's investigators who passed away. He still visits the rest of the family frequently. 

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