Monday, August 4, 2014

The First 2 Weeks

       Elder McLain has been out on his mission for about 2 weeks now! We have heard from him three times and he is really loving it so far! His companion is Elder Miles from Draper, it is funny how that worked out.  They are getting along just fine and have really become great friends. Elder McLain told us that he loves playing basketball everyday and feels as if he is gaining weight because they have to eat their whole meal otherwise they don't get the next one. Something exciting: he was able to do was go to the Guatemala City Temple last week and spend some time in the temple. Unfortunately, he isn't allowed to take pictures while in the MTC. They took all of the cameras away from the missionaries until they get out into the field. Luckily, a nurse that works at the MTC sent us some pictures of Elder McLain and his zone outside of the temple.
View of the temple

Elder McLain with his companion and other missionaries.

Sisters and Elders outside of the temple. 
         For this week Elder McLain sent an email for everyone to read, some of you may have already gotten this but if you haven't here it is....

          Hello Everybody! Life down here in Guatemala has been pretty crazy as of late. Its almost the start of week 3 which is hard to believe! 
When I first got here I got to see a little bit of the town and I fell in love. It is absolutely beautiful. When we got to the MTC i met my companion Elder Miles who went to Corner Canyon, and has  some crazy stories! The second day wasn't so fun however, they called me and Elder Miles out of class and lead us into this room, we had no idea what was going on then they proceeded to basically shave our heads. My hair has sort of grown back but I feel bald. Haha. Besides that, the first week was smooth sailing. As for the second week however that's a different story. Things I learned the second week:
  •       You can get Tape worms that will grow up to 33 feet inside of you.
  •      There are parasites in Quetzaltenango that if you get, will never leave your body.
  •      I learned I had to get a tetanus shot.
       And that's about all of the bad news from the second week. 
We did however have the chance to attend the temple which was amazing. There is always such a calm feeling when you are inside the temple and you just forget everything that is going on, and focus on why you are here.
      Things I miss so far:
  •        My family of course
  •       My friends.
  •       Poco.
  •       Being able to play my own music.
  •       McDonald's.
  •      And my abnormally large California King Size bed.
 I do know however that I do not miss those more than Heavenly Father Misses His children down here. I am so excited to get out into the field and be able to share the gospel and the eternal blessings that come from obeying Heavenly Father's Commandments. I read a scripture that kind of just lays everything on the Line. It is 2nd Nephi 33 verse 10. I encourage you to go and read that if you have a minute.
 I love and Miss you all.
      Elder McLain

Austin is loving his mission and has told us that there is nothing else he would rather be doing. Keep checking back to his blog for updates on this Gringo in Guatemala and all of his adventures. 

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