Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1 more week in the MTC!

     Elder McLain's group email from last week. He is getting more and more excited to get out into the field. He is preparing hard with Spanish and doctrine. He should be leaving next week on Tuesday to his first area. 

Well hello Everybody.  Hows life in the 801?
Life here in Guatemala has been rather fun considering we are locked inside of the MTC. 

This last week was great. My absolute favorite part was being able to watch the Joseph Smith movie. Every single time I watch that, any doubts I have, any questions that I have, are all answered by the spirit that you feel as you see Joseph Smith Act in faith. The movie is so powerful and I encourage all of you to watch it either for the first time or just watch it again.

 After we watched the Joseph smith movie we had the chance to hear Ballard give a devotional.
Let me tell you Elder Ballard is amazing. He had a room full of about 150 Missionaries, silent. We were all so impressed with the power that he shared the gospel. He read from 3rd Nephi which is where Christ comes to the Americas, and we were all in tears.
One thing he shared was: The gift of the Atonement is the greatest gift that gas ever been given to the human family. Focus on it. Dont be afraid to use it.

2 Weeks ago 3 Latinos arrived in the MTC, Elder Nuñez, Elder Vasquez, and Elder Lopez. They are three of the most amazing people I think I have ever met. They came here with basically nothing but their testimonies. They had given up almost everything to be able to serve a mission. Elder Miles and I had the privledge to share a room with them and it allowed me an opportunity to realize how much we all have in the United States and how much we take for granted. I think we can all try a little harder to be thankful for what we do have, and not be afraid to help out somebody who might be struggling.They left this morning and it was difficult to see them go, but I learned a lot from them, and one of them is planning on inviting me to his wedding in two years....Haha so we will see how that all plays out.

I love all of you back Home. 

Love, Elder McLain

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