Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Past little bit in Toto!

February 9, 2015

Hey everybody! 
This last week was pretty slow! There wasnt much to do and we had division 3 times. When I was on divisions with the district leader he had like an appendix problem or something like that so I was on the phone with the nurses all night and didn't get much sleep. But turns out hes fine..... Weird. But this Wednesday Carlos is getting baptized and next week there will be changes. I’m not sure what will happen with changes but Ill let you all know next Monday! Thanks for all of your support. You are all wonderful and I hope that all is going well at home. I saw a video that I really love and I wanted to share it with all of you. Because I think what it teaches can be applied into every one of our lives. Christ suffered for every single one of us, not just some. 

I hope you guys enjoy it and learn something. I know I did. I love you all and I hope that all is going well. 
Con mucho amor,

Elder McLain

Apparently there are walking bushes in Toto

Enjoying Toto! Miss Elder McLain but he looks happy :)

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