Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Taco Bell!

Hello Everybody! 
Nothing much has happened here in Guatemala since the last time I wrote you all. The work has been pretty slow... But we have been busier than ever. I dont really understand how it works out that way but it does. As far as our investigators go, Andres who is about 60 really wants to get baptized, but his wife has threatened to leave him if he joins the church... So that's a really tough situation right there. We will just have to keep working with him and hopefully a milagro (miracle) or something happens. The familia Batz has really been progressing lately, and we are going to put a baptismal date with their daughter Diana for the 22nd of November this coming week. I'm extremely confident that she is going to accept. She has been singing in the choir in the ward and come the last two weeks. She has a lot of family in the ward and is always extremely positive. As for our recent converts, Danny has been working super hard, and we learned yesterday that he can serve a mission, he just has to go and talk with the Bishop. He really wants to serve he has just been scared to talk with the bishop, our doubt was that he was too old (25) but I guess they make exceptions for recent converts. Also, one of the highlights of last week, we cant go into malls as missionaries, and Taco Bell is in the mall in Xela, Danny went to Xela Saturday and bought my comp and I Taco Bell. Talk about heaven. :) When I poured out my mild sauce it went into the shape of a heart <3. 
We also had interviews with president last week which were wonderful, hes such an awesome guy and full of so much knowledge of the gospel. He shared a quote with me, it was something like this, "A man cannot have both doubt and faith at the same time." I really enjoy that quote and have put it into work here. Attitude is everything especially on the hard days, as long as we have faith, we will always get by. 

Well everybody, I will talk to you next week. Have a wonderful week and CTR. :)

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