Monday, October 20, 2014


Whats up whats up everybody. Hope life back home has been just fabulous. The mission life has been flying by, I need to take a second and smell the roses (or the garbage that's everywhere you look here). :) But, I miss everyone just wanted to let you all know that. Some of you have emailed me, and I haven't emailed you back. Don't think its because I don't love and or appreciate your emails, because I really do, sometimes P days are just crazy and I run out of time to Email you all back. So sorry for that, but I do love each and every one of you and appreciate everything. 
    This last week was wonderful. The week started out good. We have 2 new investigators who are really positive, and so we were super busy teaching them and getting ready for the baptism on Saturday. We had to plan everything because our mission leader had surgery so that was stressful, but we got it all done and the baptism was absolutely wonderful. Elder Bryan and Elder Babbet our Zone leaders who have helped teach Danny came and Elder Bryan played the guitar. They sang the song Cuando Me Bautice, which is When I am Baptized, and it brought the spirit in perfectly right before the baptism. It was absolutely wonderful. After that Elder Carlson baptized Danny and I was just overwhelmed with peace and joy. Danny is so awesome and he made the right choice, I know that Heavenly Father is extremely happy with him right now. Sunday we had the confirmation Danny officially became a member of the ward. That is what the mission is all about. Seeing that smile on his face when he came out of the water and hearing him explain how he felt, there is nothing better than that. The blessings and joy we receive when we obey the commandments are more than we can ever imagine until we actually take that step into the fog, that's when we see the light on the other side. 
       I don't have much time today so I'm just going to keep it short. 

My weekly challenge: Enjoy time with  your family and or those who you love (if you don't feel like you love your family). Have a family night. Pray together, read a scripture or two. I know that this will help to strengthen relationships with those you love.
Elder McLain and Danny

Baptism day!

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