Saturday, October 18, 2014

Baptismal Date!

Well hello everybody! Good news, bad news and a miracle from here in Chiyax, Guatemala, We will be having a baptism this coming Saturday at 4:00. One of our only positive investigators Danny is whom will be baptized, and it is a miracle that he accepted a date. We have tried for the last month to get him to accept a date, and also the missionaries before me trtied but he just never felt ready to be baptized. So last Tuesday Elder Carlson and I decided to fast for a milagro  and for Danny to accept a fecha to be baptized. When we went to the visit with him that night we brought along a member of the Same age Christian, and we pulled out just about every scripture and thing we could think of to help him recognize an answer and realize the importance of Baptism, and in the end we challenged him for the 18th of October, and he accepted. This may not sound like much of a miracle to all of you but it was a miracle for my comp and I.

However two days after he accepted the fecha, his pastor came from the church he used to go to. The Pastor hadn't talked to him in over 4 months, and coincidentally came just two days after Danny decided to be Baptized. Satan does not want us to be happy and succesful in this life, and when we are closing in on some of the most important choices of our lives, he does all that he can in his power to stop us. For instance with Joseph Smith, right as he knelt down to pray, right before the most important part in the Restoration of the only true church on the earth today, Satan did everything in his power to overcome him and stop him. But, light cannot overcome darkenss unless we allow it to. Just as when Joseph  Smith called upon God, Danny did the same. And Danny, after being offered a spot in the choir in his old church, prayed and has made the right choice. 

We are going to do everything we can to help him out this week, and make sure that he stays positive and is ready for his Baptism. Besides that, we had some good lessons with other investigators and met some new people who hopefully will be positive. We are just going to have to see. But, life here in Guatemala goes on. The culture here is so different than back home.. Haha some things happen that I cant even explain, they would take too long to write out. 
However, I want you all to know that I have a testimony of this church, and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet, and that we have the true church, with the authority from God, restored to the earth once again.  

My challenge for the week: 

No matter where you are at in the process of growing a testimony, share what you have. If you dont think you have a testimony or that you can share it, work to strengthen it to the point that you have confidence enough to share it. But all in all be an example for others.

I love you all.
Elder McLain

He loves the tortillas!

Scenery from Toto. 

Elder McLain loves the children. 

His zone at the temple on his birthday! Great looking group of missionaries. 

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