Sunday, July 19, 2015

Overdue update on Elder McLain!!!

Hey Everyone!

This last week was really good, busy, stressful and just crazy. So Tuesday we went to the ZL meeting in Xela so that was a nice 2 and a half hour bus ride. As always I loved the bus. I only got a little bit bus sick this time so it wasn't too bad. But we got there and had the meeting, everything went well and we learned a lot. I really enjoy this calling because I get to learn a lot from President Smith and put everything into practice here in our zone. I enjoy serving the other missionaries here in Zaculeu. So my companion and I are working on balancing our focus between our area and the zone. Its been interesting this week with some of the missionaries here in our zone and some things happening in their personal lives. So we have been doing what we can to talk to them and help them out. But the good thing is that they all realize that the best place that they could be right now in the world is here in the mission. On Thursday we had the chance to do Splits with some elders here close by our area. I stayed in our area with Elder Harrison and it was a super tough day! We walked around almost the whole entire day because every single one of our plans fell through. But at 8 we had a lesson with one of our investigators and all we did was read through 3rd Nephi 11 in the Book of Mormon, when Christ comes to the Americas, and the spirit was so strong! Afterwards we asked her if she had prayed after reading what we left her the last time, and she told us all about her experience and how she felt something unexplainable in her chest after her prayer. She received her answer that the Book Of Mormon is true. Now we just need to help her strengthen her testimony and prepare for her baptismal date on the 8th. It was a beautiful experience. 

I have really been noticing how much the lord plays a part in missionary work. Really we as people don't do anything. We are just the instrument for the lord to speak through. This gospel is true and I love seeing people change their lives when they know the truth. My companion is awesome and we are working hard. I love this work. I hope you all can take the time this week to read in the Book of Mormon in 3rd Nephi 11. Its a testimony to me of how much our Savior Jesus Christ loves us individually. 

Well I love and miss you all! Have a good week and CTR.

Elder McLain

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