Wednesday, April 29, 2015

"If missionaries knock on your door, answer it and let them in."

Hey Everyone! 

So this last week flew by as does every other week here in the mission! Time is going by so fast I cant believe it. Honestly I don't remember much of what happened this last week.... We spent a lot of time preparing an activity for Friday in the church. We watched the movie 17 Miracles outside with a projector and all. We had planned on about 65 people coming so we made a boat load of tacos, but then only like 30 came. I was a little upset because we had invited a ton of people and nobody came, but at the same time I ate a ton of tacos, so I wasn't too upset. Haha. 

But as for the mission work right now, it's going good. We are always meeting new people and right now just waiting to meet those who are really prepared to accept the restored gospel! I'm learning a lot of Patience and Faith as a missionary, which is just what I need. I think those are two things that I really lacked before the mission. 

Aside from all of that fun information, my comp is good as well. He's really kinda crazy but he's a good guy and a great missionary. Sometimes I feel like he's training me instead of me training him haha. 

Well everyone, have a fantastic week and remember to choose the right! Also if missionaries knock on your door, answer it and let them in. 

Elder McLain

Loving Guatemala!
Horsin' around!


Cute little Guatemalan kids!

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